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  1. yup.. always seeing papers “out of order” or “broken” or something.. out of curiosity I flip it up and turn the computer on. If not the keyboard just something is unplugged and I plug it in and leave it on so they think fairies did it. 

  2. Or ‘OMG THE COPIER STOPPED WORKING I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT’S WRONG!’ … look at screen: OUT OF TONER with a little animated diagram of how to change the toner playing on a loop…

  3. I don’t think anyone of you understand that these “Press any key to continue” comes actually from a Windows API called system(). If you parse “pause”, then that statement comes out. It’s not so much a programmer’s error as it is just Windows.

    • Something along these lines:
      “if (specific_device == NULL)
      I know the error from system() is “Press any key…” but it’s probably the same deal causing the other.

  4. Actually this condition has a name, it’s called “technoshock” (from the 80’s cyberpunk novels) – (old/nontech) people feel so overwhelmed and stressed with (potentially expensive) technology that it causes their brains to stop acting rationally, losing even the simplest abilities like, reading the damn message :-P. It annoys the hell out of me, whenever I get a new ticket with a “problem” that is a simple message box with info on what exactly is going on and 2 buttons to choose, but there isn’t any cure I think.

    Real life example, IT company, machines are encrypted with truecrypt, a programmer (sic!) tries to open an hdd in ‘my computer’ windows says that it’s not formatted, asks to format it, he clicks yes without thinking, and poof, formats the encrypted second hdd, which was mounted under another drive letter, losing all the data that was there. This happened at least 5-6 times in my workplace.


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