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Oh, hare’s your problem…

Oh, hare’s your problem…

I’m two days out of college, working tech support for an ISP (a lot of funny times) I get a frantic call from a panicked woman.

“The Internet is broken, fix it!”

So we go through all the basic steps, I can query her modem and all that good stuff, but she is adamant about the fact that it was working and now it’s not.

Twenty minutes into the call, I think for a minute, and the “a network cable is unplugged” message is popping up. She insists it is plugged in and gives me the whole story about how hard it was to find a 180 foot network cable and that she had to have it custom-made.

Network cable unplugged…network cable unplugged…180 feet!?

So she gives me the layout of the modem being upstairs in the bedroom so she can monitor internet usage (never quite figured this one out) and the computer was downstairs.

I ask her to follow the cable and tell me everything she sees.  So she starts…desk…monitor…tower…stack of paper… “this is silly” she says and it “serves no point” in fixing her Internet and starts to get mad at me.  I ask her to keep going; to the point where she is describing the paisley prints on her living room rug.

…kid’s toys…skateboard…crack in the step.

I am rolling my eyes thinking this is going to take forever.

Tennis ball…railing made of wood…my son’s Rabbit chewing on the blue 180 foot cable.  This doesn’t even phase her and she keeps going… So I tell her to come back, and ask her simply, “do you think the rabbit eating through the wire might be the problem?”

She gets even more upset and tells me that the internet company should pay for it because we made her buy it in the first place.

via [Spiceworks Community]

[Picture Source: [nivs] (CC)]



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