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Did You Try Turning It On? [story]

Did You Try Turning It On? [story]

Working at a medical practice with surgeons you run into some bratty doctors from time to time. Last week in a huff one calls our boss complaining about some hardware we’ve given them not working. They cannot connect from home and really need access to do their work, blah, blah, blah.

I rush all morning Friday to get a loaner laptop ready, walk up and speak to the doctor regarding the “bad hardware”. Turning on the wireless really makes all the difference.



  1. I hate to say, you (or perhaps your boss) had it coming… I learned early on that to “assume” makes an a$$ out of u and of me :-/ Don’t ever assume a user can diagnose their own problem. Troubleshooting the user themselves often brings the quickest resolution.


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