Saturday, September 21, 2019

I can't do my job because of this

When things get too far, the tech assigned to the case just can’t do anything more to prevent the downward spiral of the user.

Your safety is of no concern to me, btw, is that edit complete?

From our friends at Clients from Hell:Client: (texting me at 7:30 AM) I need the other company’s logo in a watermark on the third page of the documentation and in the presentation, with a red outline instead of blue. Just the circle part of...

Cleaning People = Headset Killers

Second one in two months.  

Website design hell: “It’s hot and spicy!”

From our friends at Clients from Hell:Designing a poster advertising a Mexican restaurant’s new meal deal:Client: That looks good; but I don’t feel like it looks spicy enough.Me: In what way do you want it to be spicier?Client: I want more herbs and stuff on top of...


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A bridge too far

Republished with permission from The Daily WTF:“We’ve invested quite a bit of money in our new network,” the bureaucrat said. His desk was tiny and so cheap that it sagged under the weight of the CRT and tower resting on it. “That’s why it’s...

This Is Not How Backups Work [story]

We finished a 30+ page site for a client only to receive a phone call from a very upset client.Client: Help! The new website is not working right!Me: What seems to be the problem? Everything seems to be working fine on our end.Client: We’re trying...

Crappy signal


“You’re the computer guy. Isn’t this stuff what they’re paying you for?”

We have a new manager who insists on everything being done her way. And only her way.Without going into too much detail.....we use a particular piece of software that is used by over 2000 companies in the country. Of course, not every company has the same needs, so...

Did my mom and dad just call you?

Right after I graduated college, I was an EasyTech Expert at Staples for about 9 months. I received some rather amusing visits and telephone calls, but one man stands out.I received a phone call from a gentleman who needed help with some printing, and...

Imagine if all software worked like this

You can't close out unless you remember your password...hmm.  "I see no problem with your logic," said NO ONE.