Wednesday, May 31, 2023

I can't do my job because of this

When things get too far, the tech assigned to the case just can’t do anything more to prevent the downward spiral of the user.

“You’re the computer guy. Isn’t this stuff what they’re paying you for?”

We have a new manager who insists on everything being done her way. And only her way. Without going into too much detail.....we use a particular piece of software...

Did my mom and dad just call you?

Right after I graduated college, I was an EasyTech Expert at Staples for about 9 months. I received some rather amusing visits and telephone...

Imagine if all software worked like this

You can't close out unless you remember your password...hmm.  "I see no problem with your logic," said NO ONE.

No, you didn’t try EVERYTHING, did ya?

I assist in tech consultation from time to time. Just simple things like viruses, failing hard drives, etc. Well one day an older gentleman...

From The Field: Technical Proficiency Is Zero [story]

MANAGER: I need to know, in your opinion, how technically proficient is my staff? ME: Well, earlier this week, one of your staff members came...

The holy trinity of electricity – the positive, the negative and the ground, amen.

(I'm still flabberghasted I took this call.  It starts out pretty normally, but ends in a complete loss for word) Caller: "I have two monitors...

A doctor by any other name…

NOTE: The names have been changed to protect the uber-guilty   Co-worker: "Hi, thanks for calling the Helpdesk.  May I start with your first and last...

Do I know how yesterday was Monday?

Yep, pretty much our day. We ask for a ticket in order to help you better. Otherwise...bottom of the pile. via:

If it’s not on the desktop…

I get this all the time. I do Tier 1 helpdesk work for a large, well-known, nation-wide organization. (Caps are not screaming, just talking obscenely loud...