Saturday, July 4, 2020
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PEBKAC: Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. ID10T could also be the name of this category. Need we say more?

I Hate When Users Say Crap Like This [rage comic]

I'm pretty sure the rule book says this offense is an automatic punch in the kidney.via:

I’d like to reformat this guy into someone with more brain cells

In all my years in IT I've never found a way to reformat a drive from one hardware vendor into another.via:

Charged with battery…almost.

I currently work for a major Technology and Stationary chain in Australia and being retail you can imagine the amount of calls and face-to-face...

nbeed a nbew keybnoard bnow [pic]

Two keystrokes for the price of one!

Round Hole, Square Peg [pic]

Keep trying, sooner or later it'll work. Just kidding, stop it now before we take away rights to oxygen. via:

Seems Legit [pic]

Call me a snob but...if you're going to make a training video for your web based software be sure to remove the 'pretty-much-this-is-malware' toolbar....

A Man Before His Time [story]

I was working in the corporate headquarters for a large agriculture/construction equipment company.  The year was 1994, and many users were moving from the...

Safety In Numbers [pic]

When in doubt, install them all.

…the monitor didn’t fit!

So, many many moons ago I worked for a major PC manufacturer whose cow prints shall remain nameless. I was green in support so...

Not Really Broken: Poorly Explained Problem [story]

My team runs the IP Phone network for our company. I once got a call from a user telling me they could not answer...