Saturday, July 24, 2021
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You're doing it wrong

It’s that new PowerPoint Virus.

I just got a frantic tech support call from the bosses wife. She said she opened an email attachment and now she can't close...

Surprisingly Common Question [pic]

PC or Mac it's more common than it should be. via:

Who does this?

Why wouldn't you call it like "cars" or "tanks" via:

People Are Jerks, Wally [pic]

There is also a cost for ignorance. $50 in this case. via:

Do you really need three?

I get wanting to keep your traffic segregated but three home routers seems a little overkill, especially if you can't even manage it on...

Great example of a Ninja Server.

What server? Oh, you mean the one hiding in the ceiling? Na, ever seen it. Maybe it's a hipster server...hard to say. via:

How Not To Use Google [pic]

I found this open VM on a server.

Who’s The Sucker Now? [pic]


STOP Writing On The Screen [pic]

I get enraged when I see ink on a screen. via:

Slow Cox

I hate it when my Cox is slow too. Oh, by the way the Starter Package is only 1mbps service. You'll have to pay...