Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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I can't do my job because of this

When things get too far, the tech assigned to the case just can’t do anything more to prevent the downward spiral of the user.

Sitting Near The Printer Sucks [pic]

My office is right near the printer and I can't stand it. I wish this was my idea.via: 

I tried calling him back…

Guess he left the wrong number. Silly transcription.

Storage is storage, right?

This rage comic is a little busy but you'll get the point.via:

Coincidence? Maybe.

I just read an article on Maximumpc.com about a Microsoft patch issue. Turns out an update to Microsoft's AV products and Internet Explorer flagged Google.com as malware.As it turns out, only about a dozen people were affected.Photo Source:

Scam artist

Back in the 90's  I worked for a small mobile communications + computer/network installation outfit (we used Lantastic!).  This was my first computer-job, and what I thought was a good launchpad for a computer-related career.  I was young, that's for sure...I'm certain that out...

Internet Is Down [story]

ME: The internet isn’t working - but don’t worry, we’ve called to get it sorted and they said it should be up in the next ten minutes.CLIENT: We’ll just e-mail in Outlook then.ME: That’ll be down too.CLIENT: Fine! It’s unprofessional, but we’ll use Facebook.ME: Do you understand what the...


Hey there; Long-time reader, first-time submitter. About 4 years of helpdesk experience while doing secondary and now tertiary studies.I work at a small ISP in Australia. It is SOP to confirm usernames and passwords of end users when they call in. Today's Saturday though,...

It Helps To Know What You’re Talking About… [story]

From clientsfromhell.net: I was rendering still images for a publicity company and was working with a representative from the company to help (hah!) facilitate communication. ME: Okay, I have rendered all the images you requested and saved them into one .psd, and also included a folder with the...