Friday, July 3, 2020
Acronis True Image 2020


PEBKAC: Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. ID10T could also be the name of this category. Need we say more?

Can’t find the OAK button

Published with permission from TheDailyWTFDendro-computing (from Joe) A while ago, one of our clients asked extremely frustrated with not being able to find his oak...

Please Dispose Of Sketchy Accessories [story]

Seriously, if it breaks three computers - throw it away.via:

Not related redux

Yep, not related. via:

This network switch can modify your Excel formulas!

So I get a pissed off payroll person who says that her Excel sheet is not recalculating properly when she enters in new numbers....

Maybe I’m not explaining myself good enough

20:04:29 Me: Hello! Thank you for contacting ***** Field Support. My name is Jessica. How can I help you?20:04:40 Customer: I has on a leave...

Have you made sure it’s plugged in?

This morning I get a call from one of my users that goes as follows:User: I need help! My computer is dead!Me: Can you...

Dad doesn’t understand Mac

We here at the Faildesk take many-a-potshots at Macs, but,here's something a little different for you: Not really a tech support post, but I thought...

Too old to use a computer? I think YES.

I used to work at my university's tech support department, where we would receive phone calls from students, staff, faculty, and even trustees that...

Thanks for the warning

I had one customer want me to come over on Christmas Eve. Fortunately I was going out of town so they had to settle...

Self repair

Had this conversation a couple weeks ago... User: Hey Mike, my computer hasn't worked for 3 days!! Can you please come help me?Me: really? 3...