Monday, June 1, 2020
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You should know better

Stories about people who really have no clue…but really should. The simplest of tasks confuse them. If they do get something right, they do not hesitate to congratulate themselves about how much of a genius they are.


Finding files: one part detective work, one part archeology, two parts facepalm

I had a user ask me to assist her in finding a document that she wrote several months prior. She said that she could...

Dubious Product Comparison [info]

We all know that "Windows cleaners" like CleanMyPC, RegistryScanner or MyComputerIsFilthy (ok, I made up the last two) are just a bunch of tools...

Customer Freak-Out: I’m Not The Hacker [story]

I've dealt with paranoid people before and I find them highly amusing.This happened years ago back when I worked as an "agent" for a...

You Might Have Been In IT Too Long When… [pic]

You can recognize the make and model of a tablet just from a glimpse of its charred remains.PSA: Keep your tablets off the stove.via:...

Yes people, there really is a difference

I work at a helpdesk for a rather large nationwide organization.Me: Alright sir, I need you to log off your machine. Do not shut down...

He was probably busy with his blog…heh.

About a year ago I interviewed for a Systems Admin position; the interviewer was the current systems admin and had been with the co....

I’ll Just Check The Log Files…Dammit [pic]

Well, that's going to be real helpful.

Challenge accepted.

Is it sad that I wish this was real?via:

All you ever do is tell us to reboot

Can't print, can't save to network drive. What do I find? A laptop that's been on for 43 days.