Saturday, August 13, 2022
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You should know better

Stories about people who really have no clue…but really should. The simplest of tasks confuse them. If they do get something right, they do not hesitate to congratulate themselves about how much of a genius they are.

Time for your shift


Color blind

I got a call from our facility librarian who informed me she needed a new hose. I informed her that I wasn't sure exactly...

This Just Happened [comic]

Not kidding, this really happened. Even had to walk her through this process while sitting next to her. FML.

Let’s address the real issue.

Sometimes I can't believe people say crap like this, then they say it to me. via:

Think twice if invited to the ‘Shack: Radio Shack sells iPhones preloaded with porn

Apparently a customer who purchased an iPhone for herself and her daughter found a nasty surprise on their 'new' devices.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported...

The newer one

Twenty bucks said if you made him choose an OS he'd say it was XP.

Real Steal

This guys is practically giving this machine away, which ironically he should do. It does have 512MB RAM and can play just about any...

Grooming future IT professionals

Maybe I like memes a little to much but I don't care. Rage face comics make me smile, especially this one. Every week someone says...

Go Phish

I work on a University Help Desk and you'd think our users would be at least slightly smart.. Below is an email I sent...