Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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You should know better

Stories about people who really have no clue…but really should. The simplest of tasks confuse them. If they do get something right, they do not hesitate to congratulate themselves about how much of a genius they are.

“Don’t Have Apple Products” [pic]

Maybe someone can explain it to them?  

Take Your Work Internet Home [pic]


I’ll Just Check The Log Files…Dammit [pic]

Well, that's going to be real helpful.

Short but sweet

This is why I never let users have spare toner. "I've put 2 new magenta toners in but it just keeps saying black toner empty" You...

Sweet justice

I am a system/network administrator at a small district hospital. When I took the job I had six years of experience in the education...

Oblivious when wet

We've got a water cooler outside my office. There is a huge pool of water surrounding this water cooler. And there is no tank...

You stole my internet.

I always suspect my wife FIRST. She takes the internet all over the house and leaves it laying around. via:

Sure, and I would have bought insurance if I had known that I’d run...

I lost some customer data today: I don't know why it didn't copy over but it didn't. I suspect some virus crawled into the...

People Are Jerks, Wally [pic]

There is also a cost for ignorance. $50 in this case. via: